Monday, November 28, 2005

Colour My World

Thank you so very much to all you wonderful ladies who let me pour my heart out, offered their compassion and understanding and didn’t judge me on the things I had done in my past.
(A special thank you to Em and Lisa for sharing their experiences too)

Sorry it has been so long since I’ve posted but we’ve been busy. Chad and I both had a weeks holiday together, which unfortunately wasn’t spent lounging beside a pool drinking daiquiris but, painting our home. Not really much of a holiday, but it was great spending time together, something, due to our work rosters, is something that we don’t often get to do.

Not only did we colour our walls, we coloured our hair. I went Red Corvette, (by fudge, which unfortunately is only a semi- permanent, and fades way too quickly. If anyone knows of a colour similar to this but in a permanent I would be forever grateful)

(excuse the eyebrows, I'm on holidays!)

Chad went stripey.......


I’ll post pictures of the rooms we managed to get painted tomorrow, their still sitting in the camera and the battery is flat (sorry Rissa, I’m getting there though, at least the pictures have been taken!)

I also went to see a John Edward-sy kind of show the other week too. Her name is Charmaine Wilson and although I didn’t get “chosen”, it was entertaining none the less. We’d actually had a private reading done by her about 18 months ago which was quite freaky. My mum had booked her to come to her home, and as an afterthought, as most things are with my mum, we were invited along. There were about 8 people, including us, there.

When she finally got around to me, she asked me if I had lost a little boy recently. I told her no. ( I was actually 10 weeks pregnant with A.J. at the time) She said that she could see my Grandfather standing there, holding a baby boy in his arms. She wasn’t forthcoming with any further information, and that was pretty much it with my part of the reading.

4 weeks later we lost A.J. And although at the time we didn’t know that he indeed was a little boy (my waters had never broken and he came out in intact, still floating in in amniotic fluid, they wanted to sent the complete specimen away to pathology so we couldn’t tell at the time if he was a boy or a girl).

Was this a preminition on her part? Was she trying to warn us? Psychic mediums don’t usually pass on bad information like this, but was this her way of letting us know that although we were going to lose our little one, that he would be taken care of by my Grandfather?

Either way, it wasn’t until months later that I actually found some comfort in the fact that my baby may just be safe in the arms of my Grandfather, just like her vision.


Blogger Catherine said...

Love the hair color! How fun!

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome hair chooky!!! Love it!!! Love Chad's too of course!!! Good to hear those house pics are coming soon and that you didn't decide to lie around and do nothing all week!!! Looking forward to seeing those pics soon and I think maybe your grandpa put that message out there for you to know your babe would be safe with him.

12:43 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

I literally remembered YESTERDAY that Charmaine was back in our parts in November and being that yesterday was the 29th that I has missed out:( Oh well. It IS a good show though.

Like the hair and admire all the effort you guys put into it too. Very impressive!

12:58 PM  
Blogger Em said...

I was happy to share my experience. Your hair looks great!

2:40 AM  

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