Monday, October 31, 2005


When I was in grade 3, there was a girl in my class by the name of Majella. She had long brown hair that was always in plaits and freckles. One day, she knelt beside my desk and whispered “Do you want to be my best friend?”. It took everything I had at 7 years of age to fight back the tears. I swallowed down the lump in my throat and said “Yes”. I don’t remember much else from that year, I’m not even sure if we played together all that much. After that year, she transfered to a different school and I never heard from her again.

I’ve always been an overly emotional person. I’ve always tried to (but usually failed miserably) hide these emotions and give the impression that I’m a “tough girl”. I swear to much, I’m sometimes mean. I try keeping people at arms length so they don’t see how emotionally weak I am.

My weakest moments are when someone shows me kindness, whether it be a small gift or encouraging words, I find myself feeling overwhelmed by emotions.

I have no problems with giving gifts or showing my appreciation (even if it’s just a heartfelt thank you), it’s when the tables are turned that I get a little weepy.

This past week has seen me blubbering twice at people’s kindness.

A regular customer, who thought I was looking a little down, gave me a Giant Freddo. I got a little teary, and she chuckled “it’s just a frog!”. But it wasn’t just a chocolate frog. It was kindness and love wrapped up in a small token gift and it meant so much to me.

Two days latter, one of the ladies I work with handed me a tiny parcel. I don’t know her all that well, we work in different departments, I work the late shift and she works the late LATE shift. Our conversations have been sporadic but I really enjoy talking with her.

I opened this tiny parcel to find this....


A hand made crystal bracelet and a note describing what each one is for.

Enhances divine connection; great meditation tool; promotes spiritual inner peace, honesty, concentration; stimulates inspiration, stability and strength; helps control addictive habits. Aids healing in the areas of the ears, bones, lungs, digestive system, respiratory tract, skin, diarrhea, swelling; encourages sobriety, relieves headaches and eases minor aches and pains.

Promotes action, courage, helpfulness; stops confusion, inner attunement, cleanses, purifies, opens the heart, lifts emotions, protects from envy and fear and provides perceptiveness. Aids healing in the areas of gall bladder, kidney function, infertility, rheumatism and relieving cramps; stimulates the absorption of vitamins; ensures good blood circulation.

Promotes new beginnings, sexuality, prosperity; ends crisis; helps cope with daily problems; feminine strength, compassion, courage, attraction; eliminates energy blocks and taboos; encourages self-confidence and creativity. Aids healing in the areas of cell regeneration, immune system, arthritis and bones; accelerates wound healing, stimulates metabolism and circulation; anti inflammatory.

Increases clairvoyance and depth of feeling and love; balances life cycles (ying yang); encourages lucid dreams and better intuition. Aligns emotions with higher self. Female power stone. Brings good fortune. Aids healing in the areas of menstrual cramps and balances internal hormone cycles to enhance fertility in women.

Encourages forgiveness; brings love and passion into action, reduces emotional imbalance, gives self confidence, strengthens friendships, promotes serenity, solves conflicts, eases trauma and bestows spiritual maturity. Aids healing in the areas of the heart, lessens scars and helps with fertility problems.

Rose Quartz is the stone of "gentle love" bringing peacefulness and calm. It also promotes beauty, purification, recovery, angelic dreams, well being, self-love, self confidence, romance and sensuality. Aids healing in the areas of depression, blood circulation, heart fortification, sexual problems and encourages fertility.

I now wear it every day, not so much for their healing possibilities, but as a gentle reminder as to how very lucky I am.

I truly am blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.


Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Oh, how so very beautiful of her!

I LOVE moonstones. I have a beautiful bracelet of them that I bought last year. Wear them in good health.

11:54 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

From one sap to another... your post made me cry. What a sweet gift!

11:41 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

People really are ok sometimes aren't they? It's so good to have people around you who don't mind showing you that they are worth having around.

Nice braclet too - and it can't hurt right?

5:38 PM  
Blogger MC said...

I cry at kindness too, I'm really hopeless at hiding my emotions and feelings. Beautiful necklace, I love moonstones.

5:46 AM  

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