Thursday, October 20, 2005

Not all Fertiles are Asshats

Case and point, my dear friend Lisa Grace.

While I’ve watched her grow into an amazing young woman, she still astounds me with how beautiful her soul truly is.

Recently, she wrote to Marie Claire magazine in response to an article on miscarriage. You can read her letter here (her’s is the second response to the initial letter, it starts with “My Mother.....”)

Unlike my friend, let’s call her “Rachel” (who has 3 children, all one year apart), who, when told about us losing Jesse, proved herself to be a total fuckwit when she said “I know I should be greatful, but my kids gave me the shits tonight, and I nearly left home.  I sometimes envey people like you, who have the freedom to do what they like”

(excuse me for a second while I go and puke in my hat)

Ok, so anywho, back to my dear sweet LG. Being the wonderful friend she is, she thought she’d try and source some info that she thought might be helpful.

She found this ...... (it takes awhile to load, but is so worth the wait)

I especially liked the tips on how to eat slivers of that’s some tasty shit.


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