Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Whole Week Already???

I can't believe it's been a whole week since I've written anything......

I had a surprise delivery this morning from the wonderful people of Reflex. About a month ago, they had a promotion on their site for their new recycled paper. All you had to do was enter your name etc and you could be sent a ream.....and guess who was lucky enough to be sent one?? ME!! I know this mustn't seem very exciting to some of you.....but for a stationary junkie.....mmmmm.....paper......
Not to forget that it was FREE!!!

Our new bed also arrived today....which makes me a VERY happy girl. Our old mattress was so awful. You could feel the springs sticking in your back and the "clunk clunk" noises it made when ever you moved was the ultimate mood killer.
So after sleeping on the mattress from hell for the past 12 months, we decided to go all out and treat ourselves to a good quality one. We are now the proud owners of a Slumberpedic Pillow Top (just the mattress, not the base) and now I can't WAIT to go to bed tonight! It's sooo fluffy..... *sigh*

AND, (if things couldn't possibly get any better) I found my copy of Photoshop which I had been sorely missing since my computer savvy father came over and upgraded my Mac and wiped EVERYTHING from my hard drive. I've even been toying with the idea of personalizing this blog..... It'll probably never eventuate, cause I'm so damn lazy.... but it's nice to think about being artsy

It's also CD1 for me....... not that I'm surprised. We didn't exactly time the whole "bumping of uglies" thing right this month what with my periods coming 4 days early last month it really threw me off with working out dates etc. I know it's not THAT hard to work out the dates when I should "O", but.... Ok.... I have no excuse..... we just kind of Despite knowing that the possibility of me being pregnant this month was about 1000 - 1, I've still managed to go through a massive amount of pee sticks. How many.....welll.....uuuummmmm....... 5 ...... 7 ....... ok 9! If I knew it wasn't the right time, why the hell did I find myself testing EVERY MORNING for the last week??? I have a serious problem.....


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