Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day

I've been reading More Voices in My Ear by Doris Stokes, the famous medium.
Today I neared the end of the book where after asking the spirit world what the afterlife is really like, she is guided by her son who died at 6 months of age, who appears to her as a fully grown man. Here is an exert....

" We floated out of the hospital and along a little path fringed by flowers and trees. Birds swooped low over our heads and I saw a deer dart away to our right.
A few minutes later we came to a low, round building and the most exquisite woman came out to meet us. She was dressed in white, and seemed to shine, and the love that emanated from her was almost tangible. Perhaps this is where ones come to be judged, I thought, a little frightened even though I knew there was no reason to be. But they took me inside and my eyes grew in amazement. All around the walls were rows of glowing, transparent shells through which little creatures could be seen.
'But they're babies, aren't they?' I gasped. They looked just like human foetus is varying stages of growth.
'Yes, my child, they are babies,' the woman told me.
'These are the babies who didn't fulfill their full term and were sent back before they were born.'
'What happens to them?' I asked, peeping into the little silvery shells.
'They are born into the spirit world and given to spirit mothers who take care of them' she explained.
Fascinated, I wandered round looking into each little window. Perhaps when I came over I might be given one? I felt something touch my arm.
'Come and see the nurseries, Mother,' said John Michael.
The nurseries were just behind the waiting place and they were full of laughing children. They raced, they tumbled and played boisterous games and it was hard to remember that they'd died tragically, on earth, and feel sad for them because they look so happy. /There were quite a few adults there, as well, and I was told these were either spirit mothers who brought the children up as their own, or they were relatives.
One elderly lady approached. 'Come and see my great grandson,' she said proudly and took me to a corner where an angelic little boy was sitting on the floor playing with building bricks. When he saw me he beamed and held out his chubby little arms and I couldn't resist picking him up. I don't know what I had expected, but within seconds I was cuddling warm, solid, human flesh. there was nothing wraith-like about him.
"He came over tragically at fourteen months old', his great-grandmother explained. 'Fortunately I was already here so I take care of him. His name is Christopher James.'

I know some people may find the whole afterlife thing a bit hard to believe, but it gives me a bit of piece knowing that my boys are being taken care of and that they continue to grow. A.J would be a chubby 6 month old little boy who would be learning how to roll over, cutting his first teeth, and dribbling and cooing while being bounced on his great grandparents knees. And our little Jesse would be in his silvery shell, still growing and growing..........


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