Thursday, April 14, 2005

Not incompetent?

So anywho.... I'm still totally gutted about not getting the house.... That house suppose to be the new beginning for our baby quest. It was the first step in a million that we were going to make.... first the house....then save the money......find the doctor......and try again...... NOT NOW, THANK YOU VERY MUCH PIMP DADDY!@!

About our hospital visit.......
I was all prepared for the doctor to say "Yes Ms, it appears you have an incompetent cervix....this is what we will do to fix it and you'll have yourself a baby lick-a-dee-split"
My GP had said that from the description I gave him on the way things happened, it was a case of IC. All the research I'd done on the internet pointed to an IC.
My new doctor, Dr Cook, doesn't think it's an IC. He actually thinks it's "just one of those things".....just one of those things that happened not once...but twice???? I could understand if they were both first trimester loses.....but 2 of them at 13.4 & 14.3 weeks? He's certain that it's something else.....what he doesn't know....but something else none the less.
So for starters, he's ordered a barrage of blood tests, which I'm going back to the hospital to have done tomorrow. He's also booked me in to have a hysteroscopy to see if there's any abnormalities in my uterus. While he's there, he's going to do a
endometrial biopsy
to check for infections. Because we are technically poor white trash (private health cover here in Australia is beyond ridiculous) we are going through the public system, which means the hysteroscopy could take place any time in the next 3 months...... if I'm lucky.
If all the tests show that there's nothing "wrong", Dr Cook wants to keep a very close eye on me next time we fall pregnant. I'm to arrange an appointment with the hospital as soon as I find out that I'm pregnant..... have a scan at 8 weeks, then at 10 weeks, then every week after that to check for shortening of my cervix.

The Dr and I also had a little "disagreement" about how far pregnant I actually was. When I went for my scan on the Monday, going by my LMP I was 13.2 weeks, but Jesse was measuring at 14.4 weeks. Dr Cook said that I had obviously gotten my dates wrong because there is no way that a baby at that gestation could measure 9 days ahead. 2-3 days yes, but not 9 days. He said that I'd probably ovulated earlier than what I though. When I said that I was basing my dates on my LMP, he assured me that I was wrong. I knew when I'd had my periods..... they are marked with a big red X on my calendar. You DO NOT second guess a woman who is trying desperately to fall pregnant when her last menstrual cycle was.

Despite our little disagreement, he seems like a nice Dr. He is actually the same Dr that my Mum's friend went and saw when she had her 3. He still has a private practice and does a fortnightly rotation at the public hospital. If all goes well with the hysteroscopy, I might even consider paying money to see him.......

We got a copy of the pathology report which showed no obvious abnormalities.

Our little Jesse was 55.8gms, had a crown/rump length of 83mm, crown/heel length of 115mm, head circumference 100mm, chest circumference of 83mm and his left foot was 12mm long.

He didn't seem so little as I held him in my hand........


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