Friday, April 01, 2005


After finding Sarah's latest entry last night, I decided to be proactive and make an appointment to see the doctor. Her doctor had suggested that the cause of alot of "incompetent cervixes" could be because of an infection.
So off I toddle to the doctor this morning with my list of possible infections that I wanted to get tested for...
Strep B

Firstly he asks me how he wants me to test for these infections..... I mean come on.... you're a freaking doctor.... do you really need to be told that I would like you to take a swab from my VAGINA for these infections???? He then informs me that he doesn't do pap smears because it's too much of a hassle because he needs to have another woman in the room!!

And....apparently, in his 30 years of practicing medicine he's NEVER ordered a test for Ureaplasma!! THEN he tells me that he's never heard of Ureaplasma! I mean puh-lease! Just look here , and here and there's a little website called ummm hello....... and this man calls himself a doctor???
He did, somehow, manage to give me a referral to a gynecologist though.

We've got a follow up appointment at the hospital on the 13th for them to give us the results and what not, so I think I'll wait and find out what they have to say. But if my cycle goes back to it's regular 28 days, I'm going to get my girlies the day before the appointment, which means that I doubt they'll want to swim the great red sea to get a sample to test for anything....ewwwww

Only 12 days till we find out where we stand in regards to this whole baby making business. So until then..... I'll be waiting patiently here in limbo....


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