Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I want a new house!

I hate this house. I hate the way the kitchen sways....yes sways.... when you walk through, I hate that the floor boards creek ominously when you walk ANYWHERE. I hate the the stupid twat of an owner couldn't be bothered to paint the bathroom properly and there's always mold growing on the ceiling. I hate that, in some places, what appears to be, say for example, A SUPPORT BEAM, is actually just a layer of paint over something that use to resemble wood! I hate that water comes in through the lounge room window and has ruined my curtains. I hate that the banister on the rear stairs is so unsafe that it should be replaced. I hate that the afore mentioned twat of an owner thinks that not fixing all these problems is "ok" .....and that if we fall through the deck....pphhtt....whoop-dee-doo. I hate how this house makes me feel. I want a new house.... and I want it NOW!

We didn't get the house we applied for yesterday..... which totally sucks arse.


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