Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Icy stares, bitter ex

Why is it so hard for some people to let go and move on with their lives?

I'm speaking about my ex who, still, after almost 3 years feels so much malice and hatred towards me it's beyond a joke.

Yes I broke his heart. Yes I lied to him. Yes I cheated on him. But after 3 years is it necessary to throw death stares my way everytime he sees me??

Shouldn't I be the one that should be bitter and angry after he left me close to $4000 worth of debt and outstanding bills, left it up to me to pack up and clean almost 9 years worth of crap out of our house and jumped The Chad in the carpark and left his face a bloody mess?

Isn't it only fair to say that the one time I cheated on him counteracted the 2 times (that I know of) that he cheated on me?

Isn't me breaking his heart equal to his breaking my heart everytime he refused to do anything regarding our fertility problems during the 5 years I so desperately tried to fall pregnant?

Isn't my lying to him exactly the same thing he did to me everytime he told me he loved me, when in fact, if he truly loved me, he would have cared if I was happy?

If it pains him so much to see me, why on earth did he take a job in the same shopping center where he is bound to see me at least every other day?

I really do wish happiness for him...... I hope that one day he could find someone to love that makes him feel complete.

But in the mean time.... I wish the icy death stares, the snarled lips and the muttered obscenities under his breath as he walked past, would stop........

I just wish he'd get the fuck over it!


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