Monday, July 04, 2005


I've been driving myself insane the last couple of days searching the net for success stories of women with bicornuate uteri. Well it hasn't just been the last couple of days.......more like the last 2 weeks. Do you think I can find any? Of course not. What I did find was a report written by some medical boob who's obvious intention, back in 1997, was to put the fear of god into me about trying again.
He/she writes........"The reproductive potential of the bicornuate uterus showed
a live birth rate of 62.5%"

"The bicornuate
uteri (n 5 26) had a total of 56 pregnancies; 26 were term
pregnancies, 14 preterm deliveries, two late miscarriages and
14 early abortions."

What sucks is that they didn't elaborate on the "preterm deliveries" how early did these little ones come? Did they survive? Did they have complications? Where there any procedures performed to assist these women that carried to term? Did they need a stitch or bed rest or voodoo witch doctors to perform rituals with goats blood and chant at the stroke of midnight when the moon is full?

And like a record that is stuck......all that I keep hearing in my head is "62.5%, 62.5%, 62.5%".

Do I have what it takes to battle the odds and try to have a baby? Could I handle having a premie baby and having to go to the NICU every day for months? Am I counting my chickens before they hatch? Is there any truth to the "third time lucky" theory?

If anyone knows of any women out there in blogland with a bicornuate uterus, could you be kind enough to point me in the right direction...... I feel like I'm chasing my own tale. I'd love to be able to be armed to the hilt with information so when I go to find a doctor, I'll know all the right questions to ask.

Apart from doing my head in with the whole stats thing, life has been pretty damn good.


Blogger Julie said...

I got nothing for you dear - just wanted to distract you for a second and say hi :)

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Blogger Panda said...

I know a friend of a friend who has a septate uterus, and has 2 healthy children and is pregnant again. Septate ute is worse than bicornate and hers were very risky pregnancies, but she got there in the end.

Not sure there's much more I can say on that.

But you have a horny uterus! Thats killer funny.

Um, except not, of course.

12:23 PM  
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