Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Finally.....I'm back

Firstly, thank you to everyone who posted comments and sent emails my way while I was "away".... you have no idea how wonderful your support was during my down time.

*sigh* so where do I begin? It feels like a lifetime since I've actually posted anything and so much has happened.

The New House

It's amazing. We love it. The kitchen is enormous, there's more than enough room to swing a cat (if we had one), there's even enough room for The Chad to have his own games room that we lovingly refer to as "the lodge".

Having H living downstairs hasn't been too bad so far. She's been keeping to herself and keeping Caleb confined to downstairs most of the time. He has been playing up a bit, but I think that is mainly because he is bored. H never takes him anywhere (except to the shops to buy smokes). I know it's not my responsibility to entertain him, but I've been making a bit of an effort to take him places, to the park, to watch the footy, to play with my friend J's kids. I just don't want the poor kid to go without just because H couldn't be bothered.....and because I'm THE best Aunty ever.....lol

The Old House

We're soooo glad to be out of there. The real estate were total jerks when we left. They said that the place wasn't clean enough, even though we spent a full weekend cleaning the dump. When we originally moved in, the place had been empty for 3 months, the yard was a disgrace and the interior wasn't much chop either. We ended up having to go back and clean up a few petty things (one light switch wasn't clean, there was a mark on the kitchen cupboard etc) so hopefully we'll get all our bond back. I'm just glad we're out of there. The place just held so many bad memories for us.....

The Trip to the Hospital

It went pretty well as far as D & C's go, I guess. The doctor who performed the op wasn't Dr Cook, like I'd hoped, but she was very nice all the same. For the life of me I can't remember her name, something starting with a "K" I think. She came and saw me before I was discharged and informed me that I have a slight bicornuate uterus which I now lovingly refer to as "My Hear Shaped Box". Apparently it shouldn't cause too many problems because it isn't a severe case, but like Dr Cook said, it would be best to keep a close eye on me next time. She also told me that my I won't have to pay for my weekly ultrasounds which I am VERY happy about. We were getting a little stressed about the thought of being on one wage (if it came to that) and having to fork out $140 a week for scans.

My follow up appointment is in September! (that's the public system for you) but can call tomorrow for the results for the biopsy which I'm hoping are all clear.

What I did find weird thought was that, although I had my D & C on the Thursday and had minimal bleeding afterwards, my periods started on the Sunday as though I didn't have the op at all. Here's hoping that my cycle doesn't spack out and will return to normal.

And as for the "should I shave or just trim" question I posted earlier, I had to shave myself completely! Is that part of the public system? Do they shave it for you if you go private??? Why they needed the top bit bald is beyond me seeing as all the *cough* work was being done on the lower part. It also reminded me why I don't shave the top part anymore...... talk about ITCHY! I thought I was going to do myself an injury with the amount of scratching I did.

The itching was bad, but nothing compares to the pain and suffering I'm going through now though. The Dr recommended no sex for 6 weeks, 4 weeks minimum, but preferably 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS..... 6 FUCKING WEEKS!!!!!! Even after we lost the boys and had D & C's, we were told to wait 2 weeks......so what's with this 6 weeks business???? I'm sure they're just doing it to fuck with our heads. We can do other things......if you know what I mean......just no penetration. Don't get me wrong.... I'm not one to object to a good *cough* tongue lashing (sorry.... probably WAY too much information there) and The Chad is exceptional at it ( I love you honey *grin * ) but nothing compares to ..... well I'm sure you get my drift. 2 weeks 5 days down, 3 weeks 2 days to go...... That's if I don't kill myself first.....*sigh*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back sweetie! You have been missed!

Julie from www.talesfromthestirrups.blogspot.com writing you from home (and can't remember the fucking password for my blogspot account).

12:02 PM  
Blogger Jenna said...

I am glad that you are back and things are going well! I am so happy that you love your new house, I know it is great to move just to be somewhere new!
6 weeks!!!! that is so, so long!!! I can't believe it all I have heard about after a d&c is 2 weeks, I hope you survive.

1:31 PM  

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