Monday, May 23, 2005

It's my lucky day.....apparently

I think I've mentioned that we've been looking for a new place.....and also that my sister and my nephew are moving in with us.

This is why finding a place for all of us to live has been so difficult. Now don't get me wrong.... I love my sister..... but somedays I would just love to stick her in the eye with a fork.

A little about my sister.....well it could well end up being know me...once you get me started......

My sister H is 4 years younger than I am. When it comes to personalities, we're like chalk and cheese. She's not very social, has a hard time making friends and doesn't have alot of self confidence.

She was just 11 (almost 12) when our mother got caught having an affair and our father kicked her out. It didn't take her long to figure out that she could manipulate both of our parents so she could get exactly what she wanted. Whenever things started getting tough living with Dad, she'd call Mum and would be living with her by that weekend. 6 months later, shit would go down with Mum and her new hubby and she'd be back living with us again. This was an endless cycle.

I was never invited to live at our mothers, not that I wanted to, her husband was an absolute dick, either way, the offer was never made.

Both of my parents were very lenient with her. If I came home from school with a B, I'd be read the riot act of how I should apply myself and that I could do better..... H would come home with D's and E's and it was the "you did your best" routine. They pandered to her every whim, trying to soften the emotional trauma of having her parents divorce at such a young age. Me being 15 at the time, they didn't think it effected me as emotionally as it did H. Where H manipulated, I rebelled. I sought attention by doing the wrong things, H sort it by playing the victim card.....again....and again.....

My Dad and I were such similar personalities, head strong and stubborn, that at 17, I couldn't handle being treated like a "child" anymore and moved out of home. At 19, we'd been evicted from our house, I swallowed my pride and asked my Dad if I could move in with him. He was between houses and was renting at the time. He said I could, providing I went halves in everything. Half the rent, half the food etc. I was pretty pissed that he wanted to treat me as a tenant and not as a daughter and give me a break on the whole rent thing. I managed to find a place, so I didn't move in. 2 weeks later, H finishes year 10 at school and moves in with Dad. She doesn't want to go on to years 11 & 12, Dad gives her the holidays (6 weeks) to find a job. Mum lines a job up for her at a take away, Dad charges her $50 a week board....ggrrrrr

3 years later, at 18, she's saved up heaps of money ( you would when you pay $50 a week board and don't go out like a normal teenager) she finally moves out. She spent about 18 months living out on her own before she's broke and back at Dad's ...... "only for a couple of months till I can get back on my feet again".

"A few months" dragged on to 4 years. During this time, I'd been living with TBO, paying my own way, never once asking for a hand out though having it constantly thrown in my face that I should "be more like your sister instead of throwing your money away". If I was only paying $50 a week for board I'm sure as shit I would have been a fucking millionaire. But no, stupid independent me liked paying more than 3 times that every week on rent and buying my own food.

At 24, she gets a job down in Sydney and leaves behind a phone bill to the tune of $1000, makes no effort to contact Dad, can't hold down a steady job and is constantly ringing Mum for money.

At 25, she comes home for Christmas, she has no job, no money and 8 weeks pregnant to some "casual" guy. I had been trying to get pregnant for 4 years by this stage, so it goes without saying that I was more than a little pissed off that she wanted to bring this little baby into the world when she had nothing ......the girl didn't even own a knife and fork.

She stays with Dad, she's due in June, Dad insists that she's found her own place by March as he doesn't want her bring "the sprog" home to his two bedroom apartment. March quickly approaches, she has been sitting at home on the dole, hasn't saved any money. H and Dad have a big fight, H packs up a few of her clothes and leaves a note saying she's going to stay with Mum "for a couple of days". In June, while living with Mum, she gives birth to "the first grand child" and ceremoniously rubs it in her childless sister's face at every opportunity.

"A couple of days" stretched out to 3 years, she didn't have to pay rent, just buy food, prepare meals and clean the house...... so that brings us to around March this year. She has a fight with Mum's bf and is given 2 weeks to get out. The next day, without leaving a note, without a goodbye, she sneaks out without a backwards glance and moves in with her friend S and her 10 yr old son where she's been staying, paying $100 a week, since.

H has been receiving a Single Parents Pension since the "first grand child" arrived which equates to about $400 a week. Last year, little Johnny Howard thought it would be a good incentive to offer a "baby bonus" of $3000 for all babies born after July 2004 to encourage Australians to procreate as the national birthrate had dropped significantly. Not to leave those that already kids out, he granted them 2 installments of $600.

Where's she going with all this, you might ask.....

Well yesterday we got approval on a house that we applied for. We need to come up with 4 weeks rent for the bond and then 2 weeks rent in advance.... that's a grand total of $1980. H will be living in the self contained area downstairs and The Chad and I will be living upstairs and we will be splitting the rent 50/50. I asked her how much she had to chip in .....her response...... $100. WTF!!!!!!!!

I rant, I rave, I yell some more, she says she'll ask Dad for a loan....the same "Dad" that she left with a $1000 phone bill and has not once offered even the smallest amount to repay him. He said he would, but to try and hit Mum up first. H asks Mum for $400, Mum (who is in Sydney on "business" atm) tells H that there is a signed blank cheque on the kitchen counter. WTF!!!!!!!!

Even though $400 would contribute to the bond, it's not HALF. So I rant, I rave, I yell some more.....

Some hours later on the way to the football my phone rings....

Me: Hello
H: It's your lucky day
Me: Huh?
H: It's your lucky day
Me: why is it my lucky day?
H: Mum said she'll pay the full amount
Me: (thinking the full $1980) WHAT????
H: Mum said she'd give me the full $660
Me: (with the greatest amount of sarcasm) Oh that's we'll only be out of pocket $1320.....great
H: but you'll get the bond back on the place your in
Me: we'll only be $400 out of pocket then.....jolly good.
H: Ian doesn't know though, though he should complain, he loans his kids money all the time.......but at least I'LL pay it back
Me: insert hysterical laughter
H: what.....what are you laughing about?

So there you have it..... while we have to dip into our savings, Miss Thing is getting a free ride once again....... but apparently it's MY lucky day......


Blogger Julie said...

Wow, and I thought my family put the "fun" into dysfunctional. You are a better person than me my friend. I'll tell her to get bent and get her own place.

10:56 PM  
Blogger Jenna said...

I can't believe your sister!!! Man!!! How does that work? Really? If I was there I would stab her in the eye with a fork. I wish I could say something more encouraging. But all I can say is that is just horrible.

12:55 PM  

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