Saturday, May 14, 2005

Glossy pages

Pregnant women are out to get me... via cheesy glossy magazine covers.

It started with the
"Dear Fans,
The time has finally come to share our wonderful new that we are expecting our first child together."
Britney Spears .

Then Bec Cartwright and Lleyton Hewitt hit the magazine racks with news they are expecting. Now who didn't see THAT coming?? "Dating" for 6 weeks, he pops the question, now she's 3 months pregnant? All that is missing from this pretty picture is Daddy with a shotgun.

Now it's Ben and Jen (not that Jen, this Jen).

And lets not forget Princess Mary's "miracle" pregnancy. Miracle?? Did she suffer through several miscarriages or be put through a barrage of invasive tests and operations? Nooooo.... it's a *cough* "miracle" she's pregnant because she had an operation on her GALLBLADDER last year. Yes, all pregnancies are a miracle, the whole creation of life and all, but come on lady...... last time I checked your gallbladder wasn't remotely connected to your reproductive system.

I hate to admit it, but I find myself wishing these women to lose their babies. I know it's horrible.... I feel guilty feeling this way, but it's the truth. (Not so much Jen and Mary, they are older and Jen just seems so damn nice, but definitely the young sprightly Brit and Bec.) Strangely, I don't feel this way about women I see out in public, only the celebs who stare at me from those nasty magazines, those ones that lead a charmed life, the young, beautiful, successful ones.

I knew that there are celebrities that must have suffered loss, so I hit google and was quite surprised at the amount of famous women who had miscarried.
I found babyfruit's blog and her entry about celebrity miscarriages.
Tori Amos, Amy Brenneman (from Judging Amy), Pam Anderson, Christy Brinkley, Brooke Shields, just to name a few, have all gone through this devastating loss, but you don't see magazines throwing big dollars their way to tell their stories in all their glossy, double page spreads.

Unfortunately, this is an elite club, and no matter how hard people try to understand what it's like to lose a child through miscarriage, they only just scrape the surface of how deep the pain really runs.


I was going to steal Wil Wheaton's idea (he's the kid that was in Stand by Me with River Pheonix) and use the title of whatever song was playing on iTunes as the title of each post, but as I finished writing this entry, iTunes was playing "My boomerang won't come back" by Rolf Harris, so I scrapped that idea...

Why the fuck do I have a copy of THAT on my hard drive?


Anonymous aliza at babyfruit said...

thanks for linking to babyfruit and my celebrity miscarrying women list! Here is an excerpt from an essay I wrote about this very topic.

Coveting Julia's Babies

I glance sideways at the latest cover of People magazine on the grocery checkout rack and note with envy the beaming faces of actress Julia Roberts and her twins. I normally wouldn't buy a celebrity magazine but I glance at it again having the same guilty debate with myself that I have when I'm considering grabbing a chocolate off the checkout rack. I glance at the magazine a third time. I have to have it. I'm not really interested in Julia. I covet Julia’s babies.
I snatch the magazine off the rack, place it face down on the conveyor belt, and watch it glide toward the checkout boy. He flips it over to note the price, oblivious to the fact that the magazine is part of a collection of celebrity baby issues that I hoard in my apartment like a teenager with stolen copies of Playboy. Flipping through h these magazines makes me feel angry, envious, and guilty, but it also reassures me of the possibility of carrying a child to term, something I’ve failed to do three times.
"See, Courteney Cox had a baby after multiple miscarriages, and she's my age," I tell myself, reading yet again about Courtney and her baby Coco, conceived when the actress was 38 years old, the same age I was the first time I got pregnant.
I am not possessed by celebrity worship despite my obsession with famous women and their reproductive achievements. I am cursed with baby envy.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

I have noticed that at our high-tech baby-making clinic the only magazines they have are gardening australia or National Geographic.

Nothing even remotely likely to have stories and pictures of glowing new mums with their easily produced spawn.

I also heard on the blograpevine that Bec is going to be writing a pregnancy journal for some crap women's mag. New Idea or somesuch. Why doesnt someone write an infertility journal for same said magazine?

12:06 PM  

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