Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday's Tanty

I thought I’d take one day of the week to have a little whine and chuck a tantrum about how unfair life is, with the hope that i’ll be able to start blogging more often without the “sooky/woe is me“ crap that I usually drone on about.

Today’s tantrum, ”Why the fuck can’t I be the one??“

Friday, I’m at work, I have these wonderful regular customer who are Brethren. You know the kind of people who wear denim skirts, wear their hair real long and those weird little kerchiefs on their heads. We’re merrily chatting away, when Ivory, who is 5, pops her head on the little ledge and says ”my mum’s pregnant“. ”Mum“ is a little embarrassed, (we’ve talked before about my losses, and also shared about her loss) says ”it’s still early days, anything can happen“. Which is true. This will be child number 6. SIX people!! SIX! Can we not say ”BIRTH CONTROL“???Talk about being greedy! The worst part is, when I asked if they’d been tossing up names, she said if it was a girl, they’d name her Harmony. They already have 2 daughters, their names, Ebony & Ivory. For the rest of the day I had Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney in my head. Having caused Stevie and Paul to spin continuously in my head all day is reason enough to want to throw a pie in this woman’s face.

Friday just kept getting better.....

After lunch, another regular customer, lets call her Kitty. Kitty is married, to an interstate truck driver. Kitty has a lover, because, you know, women have needs (and yes I’m rolling my eyes). Last year, Kitty sends her unruly 16 year old down to live with ”lover“ because she has become too much of a handful. 16 year old falls pregnant to Lover ( who is 40)and has a little boy. Kitty also has a 12 year old boy who has been expelled from every school in the area, who doesn’t come home for days at a time, smokes pot, drinks, steals, you get the picture. She asks me if I’ve seen him lately as he hasn’t been home for 4 days, shrugs when I tell her I haven’t, and says ”Oh, well, he’ll come home when he’s hungry“ like he’s some sort of dog. Kitty then tells me how her 15 year old, slightly retarded daughter (who also doesn’t live at home) was ”forced“ to remove the birth-control bar from her arm by her 19 year old boyfriend, hence winding up pregnant, much to Kitty’s disgust. Kitty is appalled, unable to understand how all this could happen....she says all this while rubbing her ginormous belly(she was also bewildered at how she herself ended up pregnant being 35 and all) that is currently occupied by baby number 8. EIGHT people!!!!! EIGHT!!!! For the love of GD, someone sterilize this woman!

So on to Saturday.... they say things come in three’s........

Chad has friends, Mark and Nadine (not their real names of course). They have a toxic relationship, always fighting, never happy, but stay together because, it’s all they know. They’ve been together for 7 years, she has a 9 year old son from a previous......I want to say relationship, but I’m guessing it was more of an ”encounter“. Mark is rarely allowed to socialize with his friends, though Nadine goes out night clubbing at least twice a week, coming home drunk at ridiculous hours. She spends stupid amounts of money on clothes and shoes and the kid has every toy ever invented. Their house is disgusting, they have a minagerie of pets, 3 cats, 2 dogs. I went to pick Chad up from there one night after they’d had few (read ALOT) beers, it was 3am, I was wearing my pj’s and fluffy monster slippers, as you do, I walked from the front door to the spare room where Chad had passed out (it was all of maybe 10 meters) and I got bitten by 3 fleas. The next day, we were still being bitten, the fleas had hitched a ride on my fluffy monster slippers and were now infesting my home, my dog, and even the damn car! I ended up giving them some flea stuff for the animals, but they never go around to using it....... BLUCK!!!
Anywho........About 6 months ago, they got caught rorting the system, she had been claiming the single parents pension while living with Mark (who is gainfully employed). From what we can work out, she would have claimed close to $100,000 over the last 7 years, which they will now have to pay back. This meant Nadine had to go out and get herself a job, which she did, and works most weekends, which leaves Mark looking after the kid, but able to ”play with his mates“. Saturday afternoon, Chad went down the the basketball courts to shoot some hoops, I saw Mark on MSN and told him that he was more than welcome to drop ”the kid“ off here and go down and play with Chad for a couple of hours if he wanted to. He declined, saying that he was picking up his sister from the airport. He then casually mentioned that they were going to be getting another housemate.
”You’re getting ANOTHER dog???“ like the flea infestation wasn’t quite cutting it and they had to take it to another level.
”No, another human“. Oh, you’re moving someone in to help pay the rent as you’re in so much financial trouble.
”Who, Kate?“ (his sister)
”No, someone smaller“
”Huh??........ oh gd, is Nadine pregnant??“
”Lol, yeah, much to my surprise“ his surprise yes, her’s, I doubt very much, perfect way to trap the bloke who’s been talking about leaving you lately
”Congrats, how far along is she“
”Not sure, a couple of weeks we think, she only had the bar taken out of her arm a month ago“ are you that fucking stupid to think that you COULDN”T get pregnant now that she wasn’t using any form of birth control???
“Cool” me...lost for words...
“Yeah, another mouth to feed” cause you guys can SO afford it can’t you, maybe Johnny Howard will take pity on you now and forget about the $100,000 you ripped off.
“Maybe being pregnant will keep Nadine at home and off the grog...lol. I’d better go, talk soon” I hate her, I hate her, I hate her, I hate her....

As Chad said, I can’t expect everybody to wait until we’re pregnant, which is true, but why the fuck can’t we have an “oops baby”? Why the fuck does everything have to be so damn fucking hard?


Blogger DD said...

Don't you see? You have to first take birth control, get drunk, forget to replace the "bar" and Ooops! we be pregnant. Tra-la-la.

Make sure to go lose all your savings gambling or bad investments first. That might help.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

Oh Chan... Kitty and Nadine totally suck. The other woman will end up so dried up and sapped of life that envy wouldn't seem fitting. My Grandma was a Bro and forced to have 10 babies. It damn near killed her.

Have you had any consultations with specialists lately? What's the go with things not happening? I hope, hope, hope no one else gets knocked up by accident anywhere near you. You deserve a bloody break:(

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh babe, those bastards!!! But you know the saying, those that don't deserve the special gift of children- have heaps of them and those that will be the best parents ever- have to wait a bit longer!!! It will happen sooner or later, hang in there. You know my buddy lost a few (read five) before she has her gorgeous four now. Ignore the world and focus on you, and yeah go knock down a few drinks and be a nasty chick and see if that helps!!! Ha ha ha!!! Love ya chooky, Rissa.

12:19 AM  
Blogger Just another Jenny said...

I'm not sure why everything has to be so hard but if you figure it out, let me know.
Sounds like you are surrounded by some really stellar parents. The irony of life is not lost on people dealing with infertility

2:11 AM  
Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

I've always had this romantic idea about Australia and how people from Down Under are so smart and self-sufficient (you know, what people used to think of Americans). Unfortunately, it seems that the American syndrome is everywhere.

And my hit hit the desk when I read 'Ebony and Ivory.' Ow.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Maya said...

Unbelievable. My 21 yr old niece, who already has a 2 yr old boy that she doesn't take care of and is on drugs,etc. is now pregnant. My husband and I who are both productive people and been together for 10 yrs. cannot seem to get pregnant to save our lives. I really have to work at not becoming bitter. It is hard... I can relate to your frustration. ALthough, it does prove that worthiness does not = baby, which makes me feel better.

2:50 PM  

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