Monday, March 27, 2006

Just sex......

So Jill asked what we're doing in regards to trying to get ourselves knocked up...... well...... we're having sex.
That's it..... just sex.
No injections or pills, no magic herbal formulas, no accupunture, no nothing.
Just plain old, mostly poorly timed (because of our conflicting work schedules) sex.
Pretty interesting shit huh?
We had our follow up appointment for my hysteroscopy (which if you remember was last June) LAST WEEK!!! Yes, 9 months later. Thank fuck I didn't have anything terminal. Obviously, our public health system works a TREAT!
The doctor that I originally saw is no longer doing rotations up at the hospital, so I got to see a new doctor, Dr Narelle Mackay. A girl doctor who deals with girl things. I was most impressed.
Despite the fact that my big fat file was sitting in front of her, she took the time to talk to me about everything and re-took my history (big bonus points). She also gave me a pap smear (triple bonus points for warming the speculum) which apparently, just because I've had the greater population of Brisbane look at my snatch during the last 2 years, was overdue.
I also had a few more blood tests done, for PCOS (cause my sister has it, and I'm desperately searching for a medical reason for why my arse is so big) and some other test to check if I've ovulated or not.
Although technically we've been trying to have a baby for close to 3 years, and because we've only been trying for 6 months this time round (minus December when MIL visited and January because we just couldn't be arsed), we'll have to keep trying for another 6 months before Dr M will consider looking into things further, which I must say was a little disheartening.
But that's where we are......... exciting stuff isn't it??
Just a quick question..... can you get pregnant from giving blow-jobs?


Blogger Just another Jenny said...

I like that this is posted Monday because it's still Sunday where I live (Canada).
I am sorry you have to wait. Although an excuse for the bum would be nice, I really hope you are not PCOS.
I hope all your test come back quicker than the last set.
There is probably as much chance as me getting pregnant from a blow job as sex so I say yes.

10:53 AM  

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