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Update.....7 whole months!!

Subject: Update.....7 whole months!!

Hi everyone,'s that time again....I'm sure I'll get sick of doing these updates soon, I'm surprised I've persevered for as long as I have to be honest.
Anyway...where was I... Oh that’s right.... T’s update...
So it’s 7 months today.... 30 whole weeks... *sigh * My little boy isn’t so little any more... *snif *

In honor of being 7 months, I thought I’d share with you 7 exciting things that have happened during the last month.

No. 1 Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

Not two seconds after I hit the send button on last months update, the little monkey started rolling again.... Gone are the days that I can just throw him on the ground and expect to find him where I left him. He managed to roll from one end of the lounge room to the other the other day, (which most of you know isn’t all that far, but still....) and reached up, pulled a leaf off the plant (which I’ve heard is only a little bit poisonous) and shove it in his mouth. We’re going to have our hands full with this one aren’t we??

No. 2 Solids!!

Solids!! We’ve started solids! The ECN (not the same stupid cow that told me to feed T every 2 hours the week we got home from the hospital) recommended that we don’t start solids until Tyler is 6 month corrected.....which is technically next month......butttttt.... I just couldn’t handle the looks he would give us while he would watch us eat! He was worse than the dog! All that drooling and making all those smacking noises with his lips....and those eyes....looking at me like he was some poor, starving little boy. It was excruciating! I couldn’t help but throw the poor kid a crust.....even if it was a little early.
He loves toast, especially with vegemite. He doesn’t actually eat it, it’s more like he sucks the living be-jeesus out of it leaving it all soggy & globby and mashes it between his fingers. It’s so feral.

Me, who is CLULESS in all things “baby” realizing I’d probably gone a little over the top giving the kid vegemite to start off with (that stuff is just NASTY, imagine what it was doing to T’s tummy!) thought we should maybe give him a little rice cereal to get his tummy use to “food”.....though I wouldn’t really call it “food”.... I mix the stuff with that much breast milk (I’m paranoid about constipating the poor critter) that it’s almost like broth....bluck! As you can see by the above picture....T wasn’t all that impressed with his boob juice and rice cereal breakfast.

No. 3 Goodbye sweet baby.....

T had always been this sweet, adorable, well behaved little boy. Until.............. He had his 6 month needles. Now I’m not sure if it was just a coincidence or it was a side effect from the needle, but my sweet little boy turned into an evil goblin. Gone where the days when I could just lay him on the couch for his day time he needs to be rocked to sleep....or fed to sleep. He SCREAMS when we get him undressed for his a perfect angel while in the tub........ SCREAMS again while getting him dressed.....*sigh * Little shit.......there’s sooo many other things that I KNOW he does specifically to tick me this just him being a normal baby or him being a boy??

No. 4 Jumpa jumpa jumperrrrrr

This is the part where I come out of the closet and confess..... I’ve broken one of my cardinal rules. Thou shalt not spend more than $100 at a time on a child (shut up Jenny... I can hear you sniggering from here)
It’s a long story...but the short version kinda goes like this....
Visiting friends.....
T had a “ride” on toy....
T bounced,
T giggled
T had a HOOT
T loved toy....
Daddy thought buying toy for T would do two things,
a) get T out of his crap mood that he’d been in (see No. 3) and
b) give Mummy a bit of time to herself because a certain little person had become so needy and demanding.
Daddy sends Mummy to overpriced toyshop in search of toy. Mummy finds toy. Daddy says buy toy. Mummy hesitates. Daddy insists. Mummy buys toy. Mummy puts toy together. Mummy puts T in toy. T gets upset. Mummy wonders why when T loved toy a few days ago. T tries hard to tell Mummy that it’s different when it’s someone else’s toy. Mummy doesn’t understand babble. T tries to explain again. Mummy still no understandy. T vomits all over toy. Mummy now understands.

No. 5. Chuck Monkey!

There are no pictures for this one....and for that you should be grateful.
He chucks SO much these days! It never use to be like this. Both of us constantly smell like sour milk. It’s revolting! Does anyone know if reflux can kick in at this late a stage?

No. 6. Hair!! (and eyes)

Not much to say here....except it’s growing back..... I don’t know why I chose these can’t really see his hair, but he’s just so darn adorable!

He’s still got a little “flathead” happening at the back (damn that “always sleep baby on it’s back” *ahem * advice)....but as long as he never wants to join the army when he gets older, it shouldn’t be a problem. Most of the hair that was on his back and shoulders when he was born has now disappeared, though he still has a little bit of “trucker arms” happening....he has a wee bit of hair on his upper arms that is...uummmm.....not so sparse.....or blonde.... Poor little poodle....
We’re still waiting for his eyes to settle on a permanent colour. When he was born, they were almost black....then after we got him home, they went that bluey grey colour that all newborns’ eyes go. Now they seem to be stuck half way between blue and brown. They’re blue around the outer edges, and brown closer to the black bit in the middle ( I have a HUGE grasp of the human you can clearly see by my use of all the proper names for body parts). I’m sure they’ll turn brown eventually though.

No. 7. Because.......

Because it was so funny the first can’t help but want to go back for seconds......

Well that’s about it from us this month.
Incase anyone was wondering about those all important stats, well, ummm... I’ve been a little slack. The ECN that use to come to the chemist down the road, doesn’t come to the chemist down the road anymore, so T is still yet to have his book filled in for his 6 month check up. We did pop him on the scales and is right on 8kgs (which is 17.63lbs for you older folks).

That’s it from’s WAY past my bedtime.
Take care
Lots of love and kisses
Chan, Chad and the always Amazing Mr T



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He is gorgeous. The bonds stuff looks fab doesn't it? My baby lives in it.

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